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Auction Services

Auction Services

The Benefits of an Auction for the Seller

Auction marketing gives a seller the greatest opportunity to generate the most money in a given amount of time with the fewest problems. Auction is an age old word that has new meaning in the Twenty-First Century. From this web-site to all the other sites that are available, Jerry Stichter Auctioneer can make your antiques, home furnishings, business and agricultural holdings available to the world. It can be done by marketing an on-site auction with all the excitement and anticipation that such an event brings or transferring your property to hall or gallery setting for a more store-like look, to an on-line only event that takes the crowd atmosphere out of the auction but may be more suited to a seller’s situation.

Auction marketing gives a seller a fiduciary agent. For both personal property and real estate, Jerry Stichter, Auctioneer-Realtor and Broker Associate of Garden Gate Realty gives you a representative with product knowledge and nearly 40 years of personal experience attained through successful auctions and continued education. As your representative, I can coordinate my staff, assisting auctioneers and the network of local and national organizations to handle every aspect of your auction.

Auction marketing with Jerry Stichter Auctioneer gives a seller the professional teamwork that 40 years in business generates. You do not have to re-create the wheel. Auctions lead to more auctions, successful auctions bring back motivated buyers to future events, the pathways that turned a problem into a noteworthy conclusion are available to those that choose the auction method of marketing.

Call me! Yes we do e-mail, but I still believe that the greatest benefit for a seller is that you are hiring an auctioneer who can get people involved. People solve problems. An involved Auctioneer-Realtor will instantly recognize that the light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train! As auctioneers and business owners, highlighting past successes can give a seller a sense of comfort, but more importantly, the seller needs a plan to suit his situation. Remember if it can be sold, it can be sold at auction. Auctions are power point presentations in 3-D with results. Thousands of auctions and hundreds of real estate transactions are the back-drop of history that provide Jerry Stichter, Auctioneer, the knowledge to explain the power of auction marketing.

The Benefits of an Auction for Buyers

Auction marketing allows buyers to determine the price. The final value of an item purchased at auction is only one bid increment higher than a competing customer was willing to pay.

Items offered at auction give the customer a period of time to review and plan their purchase. One can research the perceived value prior to the event or the point of sale, therefore making a calculated decision.

Today’s auction marketing takes many paths from the traditional out-cry auction to various other live bid hybrids and on-line only events. With the today’s electronic and photographic transfer capabilities, auctioneer and customer can communicate with each other to formulate which means of bidding may suit the buyer’s situation.

When ready, willing and able sellers offer their property to ready, willing and able buyers, a fair market value is established. When both are fully committed, good things happen. The seller has found an economic solution to their situation and the buyer now possesses the item being sought in free enterprise setting.

Placing the trust of dispersing one’s valued possessions in someone else’s care is an important decision. You can look to us for the assurance of total commitment to the success of your auction. Contact Us Today!